Andrea Duffy

"Don’t you go up on the roof in that!" I exclaimed, sitting up abruptly. "That’s your good woolen shirt!"
He halted by the door, glared briefly at me, then, with the rebuking expression of an early Christian martyr, laid down his tools, stripped off the shirt, dropped it on the floor, picked up the tools, and strode majestically out to deal with the leak, buttocks clenched with determined zeal.”


Drums of Autumn

I have not stopped laughing for ten minutes I cannot breathe.

Friend: so did you leave the bar last night by your bedtime
Me: HECK YEAH I DID [holds hand up for high five]!!


Plot twist: Social and funny in real life, awkward on the internet

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that wasn’t very ***flawless remix [feat. nicki minaj] of you

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  • Abusers can do nice things for people they are not abusing.
  • Abusers can do nice things for people that they are abusing.
  • Abusers can otherwise seem like nice, caring, supportive people when they are not actively abusing someone.
  • It does not mean they’re not fucking abusers.

This is just so. so accurate.

It’s in an abuser’s best interest to be wonderful, kind and supportive to the people they aren’t abusing, because it ensures no one will believe the victim and keeps them within the abuser’s control.

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Friend1: I wanna set you up with [guy]
Friend2: I don't think he's her type...
Friend1: Well what's your type?
Me: Quick To Call Out Bros Who Make Rape Jokes, Examiner Of Privilege.
Friend1: ...
Friend1: ...
Friend1: ...
Friend1: know what he's not your type.

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queen of rap slayin’ with queen b

so this will be in the OTR HBO concert show next Saturday right???? I mean IT HAS TO, RIGHT

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i wanna feel how dogs feel when you let them go in a big field 










Majestic creatures.

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Outlander : a tale of one women’s love affair with alcohol 

when her voiceover in—which is it—episode 3? is basically, “fuck it, nothing to do but get BLIND ASS DRUNK” i was like wow I relate to this show 1000%

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